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Negative Comments Become The Broken Reels Your Children Will Hear For The Rest Of Their Lives….


The little things said like you are too chubby, you’re not pretty enough, you embarrass me when you look like that, your skin is to pasty white, you’re to hairy, you have too many fat rolls, you have horrible skin don’t let people take close up pictures of your face, you can’t do that you’re a girl, you’re stupid, you just aren’t smart enough, you are to be seen and not heard and your opinion is not welcome here. These are just some of the things that if repeated enough are life long confidence and joy killers that will play out in a persons daily life for a lifetime.  Watch your words, create joy and loving memories with positive words, not words that break spirits, create pain and kill joy.

The Husband who grew up across the street from his 45 year old wife & 40 of those he has been her friend say’s….


Husband – “Look how beautiful this picture is that I took of you while you were bathing at the cabin.”

Wife – “Don’t let anyone see that my butt’s too fat.”

Husband – “No, it’s not!”

Wife – “You can see the top of my butt crack & my skin is too pasty white.”

Husband – “You look amazing, look at this picture.”

Wife – “No, you can see my rolls & I’m naked, that will embarrass my parents, it’s stupid, delete it.”

Husband – “NO, I won’t you look beautiful.”

Wife – “Yes, I have horrible skin; a short chubby body & no one wants to see that.”

Husband – “I resent your parents.”

Wife – “Tears………….”

Husband – “When you were little you always use to say I wish I was strong enough, teen years it was I wish I was strong, as an adult it has been I wish I looked strong. Look at this picture, look at your arms, look at your shoulders, you look strong, you are strong. How many 45 year old women look like this? It’s a beautiful picture. LOOK AT YOUR ARMS!”

Wife – “Fine. I guess I look strong. I actually look strong. LOOK, I actually look strong. Do you see this? I finally look strong.“

Husband – “Um, Yes, I took the picture, remember?  Will you ever have confidence in how you look?”

Wife – “Maybe someday……..”


Kiki, The Natural Bitch

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Kiki’s Lab ……..

A Shop Keeper’s Bell, a gift from my husband!

Shop Keeper's Bell, Kiki's Lab (Whip & Brew Pit)

This AWESOME old fashioned bell has a gentle sweet but solid sound that you can hear it from anywhere in the building.

My new lab A.K.A. the “Whip & Brew Pit” to my family is so close to being done that I can just taste it.  I can’t wait to get settled in and go to work making Natural Bitch Products or to have the first person come through my door and ring my bell!  hehehe!

I will be posting again soon with tales from the “Whip & Brew Pit”!

Cheers, Kiki


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The Very Sassy Bitch Balance Butter Story


The day my pre-teen and teenage daughters had their first cat fight was the day I birthed “Bitch Balance Butter”. I was in tears, they were swinging, screaming, making no sense what-so-ever, and the language was profound. I have no sisters, had never seen a true cat fight before, and this was a rude awakening!

I threw what was left of 3 calming female cream recipes together and rubbed them down as they spewed profanity. Then, I did what I swore I would never do as a mother, I told them they were acting like “little bitches”.

Because they calmed down so quickly after I put the cream on them (including myself), I informed them I was making a recipe out of the concoction. My oldest daughter said, with a sour tone and a snarl on her face, “Call it Bitch Balance Butter”… and I did.

Bitch Balance Butter is now trademarked and our best seller. We call it our happy accident of divine intervention -my daughter’s are calling it their college fund. They claim it helps take the edge off and/or gets rid of their menstrual cramps, makes them feel calm and not so cranky, and helps them not be so puffy in the tummy. The adult users have reported the same plus that it has helped with hormonal acne, eases tenderness in the breast area and decreases bloating. Some have said it makes them feel frisky, others claim it helps with dryness issues, takes the edge off of hot flashes, and helps calm night sweats. Several customers use it for symptoms that come from the cold sore virus.

Bitch Balance Butter works differently for every woman: some have subtle results and others claim profound results. For those who choose to try Bitch Balance Butter, we hope it helps take the edge off of “Those Female Moments” for you too! And I am still happy to say, it tames a cat fight at our household!

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