The Sea Bitch is a strong and leading spirit and those who travel on her flowing gowns must listen and observe or descent to the depths of her soul.  She treats all equally from the smallest vessel to the largest ship.

She carries crafts from soil to soil; she can be calm and yielding or suddenly reach to the wind showing her fierceness.  Riding her bold waves can be a struggle albeit navigating wisely can lead to higher ground.

Sea Bitch carries and protects treasures from the rich and offers these treasures to those who whisper.

She is a mystery – never to be fully understood.  She loves the men who sail upon her waves.  She seduces men in and rocks them with her motion.  She is calming…lifting, stroking, and lapping the sides of their ships.  She is fertile with life, swells of turquoise and offers the challenge to be ridden.  She is in control and those that ride her waves must respect her…only then will she yield and unfold.

The creatures and plants of the sea rely on her to nourish and nurture.  She unconditionally provides shelter and love day in and day out.

The lull of her waves and tides may create a mantra of “these are the days of your life”, but as mother earth roars one realizes that the real mantra is “this is the moment of my life”.