The Warrior Bitch heard the battle cry. It was time to Live or time to die. From deep within a prayer was made… Her love of life would slowly fade.

The distant drum, it’s beat was plain, The fight was on, a sting of pain. A fire kindled in her breast. She asked for strength, she could not rest. She saddled up and sought the trail, Her journey long, and she was frail.

Beside (within) a rocky, hidden cleft She found the trail the others left. The trail blazed was one of faith. With love its closest companion. The Warrior Bitch got on her horse, And crossed the dangerous Canyon. A vision appeared, from up above, The Holy one, his form was love. His courage with her, no time to fear. His love had dried every tear.

The Warrior grew brave within And knew that she could fight and win. She shot an arrow in the dark And believing struck the mark. The Warrior Bitch saw the sun rise, And embraced the earth, wind and sky. All that is beautiful is all that remains. Her life is now, forever changed. If ever you hear a battle cry It’s time to live and not to die.

The Warrior Bitch lies close within Just call on her and you will win!